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'The other side of Big Data'

Global StrategyPosted by Anno Bunnik 01 May, 2014 22:46
Great read on 'the other side of Big Data' can be found on the blog of Roberto Zicari.

What is the other side of Big Data? What are the societal benefits, risks, and values of Big Data? These are difficult questions to answer. On this topic, Roberto Zicari interviewed Dr. Michael L. Brodie, Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

"For over 2,000 years a little What has guided Why – Scientific Discovery through empiricism.
 Big Data has the potential of turning scientific discovery on its ear. Big Data is leading to a shift from Why to What."

"The value of Big Data and the emergence of Big Data analytics may shift the preponderance of scientific discovery to What, since it is so much cheaper that Why – clinical studies that take vast resources and years of careful work. Here is the challenge. 
Why – causation – cannot be deduced from What. It is not clear that Big Data practitioners understand the tenuous link between What and Why."

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